Airplane Winch! 



Don't strain your back!  Use power instead. This airplane winch is expressly designed for pulling airplanes in or out of the hangar.  Cable or nylon rope reels out freely---then press the switch and guide the plane into the hangar.  Low-speed 1/2-HP motor develops terrific pulling power through pulley and double gear reductions.   Handles any plane up to 6,000 lbs. on a paved ramp.  Use double block for heavier planes.  Winch drum holds 130 feet of 1/4-inch cable or nylon rope.  Power cable and safety switch included.  A special 75-foot remote control with a relay to prevent voltage drop is $49.95 additional if desired.  Plugs into any 115-Volt outlet and is ready instantly.

This winch is built on a sturdy base which can be readily fastened to the floor of the hangar through pre-punched holes in the flanges.  Also, it can be fastened to a stud or post in the rear of the hangar. Replacement parts available.


27" long x 11" wide x 11" high, Wt. 60 lbs.
(If remote control is included, Wt. 70 lbs.)
ITEM # W 511
SPECIAL: $495.50

Also Available:
Flexible steel pulling cable
120 feet of 5/32" galvanized cable with hook
SPECIAL: $29.95

75' Remote Control
SPECIAL: $ 69.50

Level Wind Attachment keeps cable spooling in line on return to winch drum
SPECIAL: $34.95

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