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Heavy-duty all-steel ball bearing trolleys that carry heavy loads easily on standard steel beams. Trolleys are adjustable to fit most standard I beams.

Item# W707 1/2 Ton    25#   58.95
Item# W708    1 Ton    32#   69.95
Item# W709    2 Ton    58# 120.00
Item# W710    3 Ton    93# 189.90
Item# W711    5 Ton 110# 298.10

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"Easy Lift" Chain Hoists

Triple Spur Gears - Safety Latch Hooks
Tested at 50% Overload

Gears on these powerful winches are precision machined tempered and hardened for smooth easy operation. Each hoists lifts its capacity with ease. Drop forged alloy hooks with safety latches plus extra tensile chain make these hoists extra strong. 10' Lift on all sizes. Price & quality can't be matched.

Item  W 453, 1/2 Ton, Wt. 25 lbs.

Item  W 454, 1 Ton, Wt. 40 lbs.

Item  W 456, 2 Ton, Wt. 55 lbs.

Item  W 457, 3 Ton, Wt. 65 lbs.

Item  W 458, 5 Ton, Wt. 120 lbs.

Chain Hoists available with 20" lift..........Call for more information.

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These powerful hoists work in any position at any angle.  The provide the most efficient way to lift, pull, stretch or drag heavy loads,  You can lift engines, drag machines, stretch cable, spot box cars, bind loads, rescue vehicles, etc.  Brake and clutch permits easy reverse or free wheeling, Lift is 5ft.  10ft. lift is also available.  Each unit is factory tested at 150% of capacity.  Save 50% at these prices. Lever hoist with 20' lift available.  Please specify.

10 Ft. Lift Hoist
3/4 Ton W806 114.50
1.5 Ton W1139 117.79
3 Ton W699 184.45
20 Ft. Lift Hoist
3/4 Ton W1501 138.18
1.5 Ton W1502 182.50
3 Ton W1503 220.26


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