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This light duty poly tarp has polyethylene rope sewn in the hem and on all sides for extra reinforcement. Features also include aluminum eyelets in every 3ft intervals all the way around the edges.  All four sides are heat sealed for extra durability. Makes a great boat cover or storage cover among the other plentiful uses. 

Item# Size Price
BL10X10 10X10 5.40
BL10X12 10X12 6.48
BL10X18 10X18 8.64
BL12X12 12X12 8.06
BL12X14 12X14 8.87
BL12X18 12X18 15.95
BL12X20 12X20 10.83
BL12X25 12X25 24.50
BL12X30 12X30 19.13
BL12X32 12X32 29.98
BL12X40 12X40 23.80
BL12X45 12X45 22.23
BL14X16 14X16 12.10
BL16X20 16X20 27.50
BL18X24 18X24 37.95
BL20X20 20X20 31.11
BL20X25 20X25 22.54
BL20X30 20X30 33.60
BL20X40 20X40 44.80
BL24X36 24X36 45.61
BL25X40 25X40 51.84
BL26X40 26X40 54.69
BL30X30 30X30 48.60
BL30X40 30X40 67.20
BL30X60 30X60 135.00
BL40X60 40X60 149.50
BL50X100 50X100 299.50


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Premium extra heavy duty silver poly tarps are make with 14x14 mesh making them extremely durable in all types of weather conditions.  These sturdy tarps have polyethylene black yarn woven in 14 strands by 14 strands per square inch for more durability and UV ray block out. They have reinforced plastic corner bars for added strength and heavy duty aluminum grommets located every 18 inches. The outer edges have polyethylene rope sewn in the hem on all sides. Offers superior durability and UV weather protection. 

Item# Size Price
SL10X12 10X12 13.89
SL10X20 10X20 23.13
SL12X16 12X16 22.22
SL12X25 12X25 34.70
SL12X32 12X32 44.43
SL16.X20 16X20 37.02
SL16X30 16X30 55.51
SL18X24 18X24 49.97
SL20X20 20X20 46.26
SL20X30 20X30 69.39
SL20X40 20X40 92.52
SL24X36 24X36 99.94
SL30X60 30X60 208.18
SL40X40 40X40 185.03
SL40X60 40X60 277.54



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